About Us

Bani Yas Cars Sales Establishment represents the collective interests of the Bin Tanaf family.

The Company was established since 1981 by Khalid Bakheet Tanaf Alminhali and has remained prominent in the United Arab Emirates ever since. Over the years, the business has grown from being a small trading house, to one of the largest trading and commercial organizations in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region.

Experience and professionalism is reflected in the management and success of Bani Yas Cars Est, wide ranging business activities which are continually evolving to meet the demands and competitiveness of the Gulf Region and Middle East.

Today, the Company is involved in many market sectors, predominant of which are automotive, Cars Recovery, construction, property to name a few.

Each Company is committed to serving the interests of both international business partners and customers, further contributing to the economic development of the Middle East region.